Video conferencing

Vinteo server solutions not only allow stable, high-quality video conferencing, but also have a number of additional features that provide significant benefits to customers in organizing business processes.

A. Compatibility with terminal devices of various vendors, thanks to many years of experience with SIP and H.323 communication standards.

B.  Built-in user registration / location server for SIP registrar and H.323 zone controller (H.323 Gatekeeper) allow Vinteo solutions to integrate into previously deployed customer videoconferencing networks, build SIP and H.323 trunks with equipment from various  


C.     Support advanced H.265 video compression standard (HEVC).

D.     Differentiation of access rights to server management. This function allows you to configure the access level of users and server    


E.     Intelligent layouts with voice activation and manual control. Essential functionality of the Vinteo server. Despite the fact that this option    

       is widely in demand in our country, not all solutions have it.

F.     Built-in conference planning system. This feature allows any server user or moderator of previously configured conference rooms to  

      plan their conferences.

2 - 4 weeks

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