Web applications are a prime target for attack because they are easily accessible and they offer a lucrative entry point to valuable data. To combat complex and distributed attacks, organizations need to protect their websites from new and emerging threats without affecting application performance or uptime. More organizations rely on Imperva to protect their critical web applications than any other vendor. Imperva Web Application Security solutions fit seamlessly into physical, virtual and cloud-based data centers and deliver the market’s most

advanced security capabilities, updated with threat intelligence based on research and big data analytics.


Imperva SecureSphere® appliances provide superior performance and resiliency for demanding data center environments. With fail open interfaces, SecureSphere platforms offer fast and cost-effective fail over. Out-of-band management enhances security, while front panel status messages and network interfaces improve manageability. SecureSphere appliances deliver a scalable, reliable and flexible platform to power Imperva’s web, database, and file security solutions.

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