Hillstone NGFW T-series

Hillstone’s T-Series intelligent Next-Generation Firewall (iNGFW) is an application-aware firewall that continuously monitors the network. It can identify attacks on all operating systems, applications, devices and browsers. It provides visibility into every stage of an attack and it can detect security breaches within minutes/seconds. It prioritizes hosts with the greatest security risks and provides contextual information about the threat. Security administrators can drill-down into the attack, including packet captures, to analyze all threat



Hillstone, s T-Series is designed for mid to large sized enterprises that need advanced levels of security, enhanced visibility, and continuous network uptime. T-Series intelligent next-generation firewalls are capable of detecting unknown malware and abnormal behavior. With a rich forensic analysis and preemptive mitigation capabilities, T-Series is ideal as a front line next-generation firewall. The T Series also supports Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), next generation application control and Quality of Service (QoS). The system delivers exceptional performance in a small form factor with low power requirements.


Hillstone’s T-Series intelligent Next-Generation Firewall (iNGFW) uses three key technologies to detect advanced attacks and provide continuous threat defense for today’s networks. First, it uses statistical clustering to detect unknown malware, leveraging the patented Hillstone Advanced Threat Detection engine (ATD). Second, it uses behavioral analytics to detect anomalous network behavior, which is based on the Hillstone Abnormal Behavior Detection engine (ABD). Finally, it leverages the Hillstone threat correlation analysis engine to correlate threat events detected by disparate engines – including ATD, ABD, Sandbox and other traditional signature-based threat detection technologies – along with context information to identify advanced threats.

4 - 6 weeks

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