Genians provides the industry’s leading Network Access Control (NAC) solution, which ensures full visibility of all IP-enabled devices regardless of whether they are wired, wireless, or virtual. It also ensures that they conform to the highest levels of enterprise-mandated security and compliance.


Genians Device Platform Intelligence (DPI), which provides Next-generation device fingerprinting for the IoT era, combines technology information with business context to understand where vulnerabilities may exist. This demands not only a more comprehensive view of the devices themselves but also better understanding of risk indicators.

·       Layer 2 based sensing technology for accurate detection of device platform

ü  Not just “Android phone” but “Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile phone”

·       Manage the entire lifecycle of all IP-enabled devices

ü  Device Platform Identity

ü  Device Platform Context

ü  Device Platform Risk

·       Expand visibility into IT/OT convergence (IoT, ICS, SCADA)

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