Core Impact is a comprehensive penetration testing platform that safely and efficiently replicates attacks and uncovers security weaknesses. Organizations can maximize their resources with certified exploits and guided automations, providing valuable insights that will help mitigate risk and protect critical assets.


Core Impact streamlines testing by providing step-by-step wizards and rapid penetration tests so users can discover, test, and report in just a few simple steps. Using a stable, up-to-date library of commercial-grade exploits, Core Impact reveals how chains of exploitable vulnerabilities open paths to your organization’s mission-critical systems and assets.


Coreimpact has an intuitive dashboard allows users to easily open new workspaces and tests, view the latest available exploits, and launch remediation validations. Reports can also be created from the dashboard, including those on network hosts, discovered identities, and phishing simulation results, as well as full executive summaries.

1 - 2 month

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